Coastal Woodlands & Tree Services is a full service forestry and tree service company based in Nova Scotia.

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Coastal Woodlands was established in 2002 in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

The company had humble beginnings and has experienced the up and downs of the forest industry in Nova Scotia. Upon returning from Japan in 2002 and a business degree from St. Francis Xavier University, Marc Chisholm bravely started a tree planting company based out of Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

After more than 20 million trees planted and hundreds of university students hired, the company has evolved, and with its core employees it now offers a broad range of woodland and tree services. With a love of the outdoors, Coastal Woodlands puts passion and expertise into every project. Today, we provide a full range of heavy equipment and tree related services to clients throughout the Maritimes.

We hold top-notch safety and environmental certification and have certified tree specialists.

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