Coastal Woodlands & Tree Services helps clients maximize the value of their land. Trees and our natural environment are valuable assets, and we have the experts to manage them.

With a trusted work force and sound project management skills, Coastal Woodlands can execute difficult jobs in a timely, efficient manner. Coastal Woodlands has expertise in urban tree issues, a variety of forestry and woodland services, and can help clients better utilize their land for recreation and enjoyment.

Coastal Woodlands & Tree Services provides a full range of tree-related and heavy equipment services to clients throughout the Maritimes

Tree Services

Coastal Woodlands & Tree Services has a certified ISA member on staff that will provide sound decision-making when inspecting the trees on your property. We offer full tree removal, pruning, and stump grinding services throughout greater Halifax area.


Coastal Woodlands & Tree Services helps clients make land management decisions and can provide a full suite of services with both heavy equipment and manpower options. From selective harvesting and woodlot improvement to mulching and road building, we can make your land dreams a reality.


Coastal Woodlands & Tree Services can create fun ways to get more out of your land through fun and interesting projects. From trail construction to outdoor structures and features, we with can create an outdoor environment that you and your family will want to spend lots of time in.

Coastal Woodlands & Tree Services guarantee not only the best in professionalism, skills, and equipment, but also the most affordable prices in order to ensure complete satisfaction when working with us

Our estimates are free and have no obligation. We will get back to you within 24 hours.